Our Story

Nino's Bakery is a family creation born out of a mother and daughter's passion for baking and decorating. We create desserts, cakes, and bakery products with love and passion and the quality found in your own kitchen. Ninos grew to become another home and a became place where we don’t just employ people, we welcome them into our family. We share and create memories through our cakes and products because all the happy moments happen with something sweet!

We're happily serving bites of happiness, from our family to yours.

How It Started!

Suliema grew up surrounded by the smell of sweet creations made from recipes created by her mother and grandmother. For young Nino, the kitchen which was always filled with the scents of freshly baked cake, cocoa, sugar, and vanilla was her favorite place to be. Some of her favorite memories are in the kitchen baking with her mum or grandma and smothering her face in chocolate batter. Fast forward a couple of years, the mother-daughter duo we're baking for school bake sales and charity funds. When the revolution happened, baking was their go-to fundraiser to help those in need.

Having witnessed her mother’s passion for baking and cooking firsthand, when Suliema took a gap year between High school and university she was inspired to start Nino's Bakery alongside her mum.

With the endless support of our family (Adel & Marwa), Nino's grew to open an official storefront and kitchen.  

Our Values!

Quality and design have been a part of Nino’s mission from the very beginning. We are all about making great quality, beautiful and fun designs more accessible for all the beautiful moments our clients are celebrating. We also believe in maintaining the quality and integrity our families were raised on while being young, hip & cute. We see every client as a member of our own family, providing them with the best and helping them out whenever we can!

We believe in the essence of our homemade kitchen, we never use artificial flavors or additives in our cakes! Everything is baked fresh and we use the very best natural ingredients available. Throughout the years we've worked hard to develop the best recipes, we love trying new recipes and techniques and there's really nothing we won't do in search of the perfect cake. To maintain our values and perfect our craft we prepare every addition to our cakes, including meringues, caramel, drips & croquant, from scratch every day. We also ensure that every cake is baked and decorated fresh to order.

Nino's Bakery has another half to its mission – something that we would need our clients to rally around: ethical employment. We are committed to treating our workers like family because each and every single one of them has a special story with us. We've worked hard to create a group of cake & bakery-obsessed friends who are passionate about what they do.


"When we started Nino's Bakery in 2013 we could never have imagined that we'd grow and have such a talented team working with us, or that we'd be making such amazing cakes for so many people! It's been an incredible journey so far. Thank you for joining us and supporting us on this journey!"


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